How to order acrylic key holders

1. Inquiry

Please send us your name, contact address, and request in our order inquiry form. We will promptly reply by sending an e-mail to your indicated e-mail address. Please click this link for our order inquiry form.

Please click this link for our order inquiry form.

If you prepare the design yourself, the following points are applicable.

  • There is no charge for design work.
  • Please send us your design data by attachment to an e-mail or by post.

We also accept hard copies of design data. Customers can prepare their data in a PDF template that we have created.

If we prepare everything, including the design, the following points are applicable

Please send us your photographs or hand-drawn illustrations as e-mail attachments or by postal mail. Depending upon the products you choose, we may be able to print letters or other characters.

2. Reply and estimate

  • After receiving your request, we will inform you the expected delivery date and estimated price.

3. Order acceptance

We accept each order upon confirmation of payment. We will notify you promptly of the order acceptance by sending an e-mail to your indicated e-mail address.

Please click this link for instructions on how to pay.

4. Submission of a manuscript

Submission of a manuscript by e-mail Please enter the following information in an e-mail, attach the manuscript as an attachment, and send the e-mail to

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Names of the ordered products

Submission of a manuscript by postal mail

US Engineering Ltd., Goten Kobo

5-32-2 Hyoe, Hachioji City, Tokyo 192-0918


Please pay attention to the following points when you send a manuscript.

  • If sending by post, please be careful so that your photographs or illustrations do not get bent or wet.
  • Please make sure that the size of the paper of printed photographs, illustrations, etc., is A4 or smaller.
  • If sending a CD-ROM, DVD, or other medium, please make sure that it will not be broken.
  • We cannot accept orders made with negative film or positive film.
  • We cannot accept an order that involves copyrighted material without prior consent of the copyright holder.。

5. Reply from a customer by e-mail, and the start of production

Before production, we will send sample images by e-mail to each customer who requests design. Such a customer should reply by e-mail regarding whether any corrections are required. We will start production upon receipt of the reply. Please allow us to consult with you if you have no leeway in your delivery deadline.

6.Delivery of goods

After shipping off of goods, I'll contact you by mail. I'll return the picture I kept, CD-ROM and a DVD, etc. with order goods.

Cancellation, change and return, etc. of manufactured goods can't be done, so please accept it.