Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Company name US Engineering Ltd.
Representative Hikojiro Kadowaki, Managing Director
Zip 〒192-0918
Address 5-32-2 Hyoe Hachioji City, Tokyo
Shop name Goten Kobo
Tel 042-632-0246
FAX 042-632-0247
Description of fee other than commodity price Postage, transfer or cash on delivery fee
Registration expiration date We decide at the meeting.
Defective When you received defective product , you make a contact to us immediately. Please return goods in the charge pay on arrival. We'll return and send an article of good quality.
Sales volume We decide at the meeting.
Payment method When ordering, please choose a method of payment from transferring, mail transfer and in the collection on delivery.
Timing of payment It's paid in advance in case of transferring. It's a delivery of goods the time in case of collection on delivery.
Return deadline We can't receive return.
But when goods different from your order are for being lacking in the goods which have reached, please make a contact to us.
When being lacking in goods, I'll ship off the shortage promptly. When the goods which have reached hand were different, after receiving goods, please return within 7 days. We'll send on the situation confirmation and the goods you ordered immediately.
Return postal rate of the defective product Please send back in the charge pay on arrival.