Profile of the Acrylic Key Holder Production Company

Company name

US Engineering Ltd.

Representative Hikojiro Kadowaki, Managing Director
Address 5-32-2 Hyoe Hachioji City, Tokyo 192-0918 TEL: 042-632-0246 FAX: 042-632-0247
Business lines

Production and sales

  • Cable samples (particularly metal and optical cables)
  • Name plates and various types of stickers (joint-use plates, laser engraved name plates, printed name plates, and various types of signboards)
  • Commemorative items
  • Wooden signboards
  • Welcome boards
  • Electric wires and cable work
  • Electrical communications work
  • D crystals (Laser engraved printing)
  • Original key holders, straps, metal badges, etc.


  • Electric wire and cable
  • Metal materials for poles
  • Indoor materials and CATV materials
  • Cable broadcasting materials and radio materials (utility poles and outdoor wiring metal) (conduits, connectors, etc.)


  • System design and integration incidental to electrical work (including that for snow-melting equipment)
  • System design and integration of telecommunication equipment (including optical) and telecommunication work

Engineering Work

  • Ordinary Construction Business License of the Governor of Tokyo (han-19) No. 128098
  • General electrical installation work, indoor and outdoor wiring work, snow-melting construction work, etc.
  • General telecommunication work, optical cable work, etc.
  • General civil engineering and piping work (particularly for water-sprinkling and non-water-sprinkling snow melting)


  • All other business incidental to the items above
Main products of Goten Kobo Parts sales, metal badges, strap key holders, crystal products, welcome boards, commemorative photo frames, variety goods
  • First-class and second-class electrical work operation and management engineer
  • First-class and second-class civil engineering construction management engineer
  • First-class piping construction management engineer
  • First-class and second-class electrical engineer
  • First-class and second-class construction accounting assistant
Access Goten Kobo is located in Hachioji, Tokyo. Our business office is located just 16 minutes on foot from Hachioji-Minamino Station on the JR Yokohama Line.